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Possibly the most eagerly awaited Dota 2 and Esports event is the International Championship. The opportunity to perform on such a platform is the apex of many professional athletes’ careers. It is held yearly.

As a result, we have had a number of previous Internationals, each of which has unique Ti highlights to make it unforgettable. These Ti11 highlights are ones you may have missed as the International 11 approaches.


We go back in time to the first International (TI1), when Gabe Newell’s opening remarks were aired. Participating in a $1.6M tournament for a game that was still in development 11 years ago seems a lot like a fraud. In fact, even the teams and players who were taking part in the event had their suspicions about it being a hoax. However, Valve was committed to holding million-dollar competitions, thus this served as the foundation for further editions of the International Championship.

Despite the same prize money as TI2, Invictus Gaming’s triumph against Natus Vincere served as the International Highlight of that year. Although Navi’s victory in TI1 was a significant victory, few teams at the time were as shrewd as Navi. The Chinese Dota 2 scene probably got the boost it needed to develop into a formidable competitor after a Chinese team’s triumph.

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At addition to its own $1.6M starting prize pool, Valve added a community-funded prize pool for the first time in TI3 that year. Due in large part to Navi’s mid-player, Danil “Dendi” Ishutin, the TI3 Compendium included special skins, among which the hero Pudge’s Dragonclaw Hook was the talk of the town. Due to its scarcity, the DC Hook once reached $1500 at its peak demand over time. When Dendi’s Pudge and Clement “Puppey” Ivanov’s Chen executed the Fountain Hook move, it became another legendary Ti moment. The “play,” meanwhile, sparked a discussion over whether it was a well-executed talent or a misuse of a glitch.

More Ti Highlights were added to TI3, particularly when the Alliance demonstrated their split-pushing-based Rat Dota tactic. This same tactic helped Alliance defeat Navi’s better team-fight draft in the grand finals. Visit OKbet Sportsbook to get more news and updates

We ignore Ti4 since it was the dullest Dota 2 Ti ever played.

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Fast-forward to TI5, when the North American powerhouse Evil Geniuses won the competition. When Syed “SumaiL” Hassan, being just sixteen years old, became the youngest winner of TI, this TI Highlight became even more noteworthy. But for many supporters of Clinton “Fear” Loomis who had his tale highlighted in Valve’s “Free To Play” documentary, TI5 had a personal touch.

Fear was one of the more experienced players, and his arm ailment caused him to leave TI4. As a result, Fear and the supporters both expressed satisfaction when Fear eventually prevailed at TI5. Of course, nobody could forget Saahil “Universe” Arora’s million-dollar echo slam, which gave them the victory in the previous match.


Wings Gaming, a relatively young Chinese team that dominated the tournament at TI6, won the team of the year. Notably, the players are renowned for their hero flexibility, which makes it difficult for their rivals to pick them. As a result, Wings Gaming not only won TI6, but also earned the title of being the era’s best team.

Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi has competed in six years of TI Highlights, but has not yet won the competition. TI7 once again demonstrated the importance of Chinese teams, namely Newbee, LGD, and LYF. Team Liquid, who entered TI7 as the underdog, had to compete in the lower bracket run-up to the championship round. Nevertheless, Team Liquid defeated Newbee in the championship game 3-0.

Winning his first TI was undoubtedly emotional for KuroKy, who is regarded as one of the best players in the professional scene. They tell it all in their Dota 2 True Sight episode. Visit OKbet Sportsbook to get more news and updates

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Team OG’s quest to win the championship opens TI8’s TI highlight. In contrast to previous winners, OG began their journey in the open qualifiers. It was undoubtedly difficult to qualify for TI, much alone win TI8, which is perhaps why OG has been the favorite among fans ever since. Due to the fact that the TI8 grand finals were a full best-of-five series, there were several TI highlights, ranging from Sébastien “Ceb” Debs’ Axe call in game 4 that prevented a crucial battle to Johan “N0tail” Sundstein’s worldwide presence as Nature’s Prophet in game 5.

The second time OG won TI, in 2009, OG was at the height of their powers. They exuded a lot more self-assurance and showed out new hero meta, most notably carry Io. If anything, OG’s passion and morale, along with the frequent taunting, were what made OG an unbeatable opponent.


Then, lately, after a one-year break, TI10 reappeared, but this time it supported a different contender, Team Spirit. Team Spirit, a group of youthful players, shared OG’s adaptability in essence. However, after seeing how resoundingly effectively Team Spirit won its matches, spectators were soon sucked into the team’s enthusiasm. Magomed “Collapse” Khalilov had a significant influence on both the game and the drafts, and he truly defined what an offlane position should be. Even PSG.LGD, a renowned powerhouse, had to decide which heroes to ban from Collapse.

T10 has one word that stands out: Magnus.

As a result, Team Spirit’s International Highlight was essentially a meta-change in which playmaking in offlane positions began to take precedence above survival.

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