OKbet Games | Riot accidentally expose two new League items that allow players to teleport throughout the map


As additional information about the League of Legends 2023 preseason became available, people started to look at some of the new things Riot Games intends to introduce to the in-game store. And others have found two additional hidden improvements that might permanently transform the way teams strategy and construct.

Spideraxe20, a prominent game creator and Surrender@20 staff member, pointed discovered a new style of boot in the shop dubbed “Boots of Teleportation” in the PBE build.

These new boots are made of a Ruby Crystal and Boots of Speed and cost 1,200 gold. The impacts, on the other hand, have piqued the interest of both players and commentators.

Here are the items Accidentally leak by Riot

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The boots enable a champion to channel for four seconds before teleporting to a position near an ally champion, turret, minion, or ward, according to the description. This active ability has a cooldown of 240 seconds, which is one minute less than the existing cooldown for the Teleport League summoner spell.

In a similar vein, a new item with the name “Sword in the Stone” was discovered. It costs 3,400 gold and is composed of a B.F. Sword and an Aegis of the Legion. Destiny’s Call, the item’s active ability, enables a player to teleport to an ally champion after a four-second channel and shields all adjacent teammates upon arrival.

As soon as these things were found, however, designer Phlox indicated that they would not be released and that they were “an early research for top-lane goods.” Also a developer error, the new AD item will not be released on live systems.

Still, the consideration of teleportation goods has prompted many players to worry whether Riot intends to eliminate teleport as a summoner spell in the future and instead connect it to consumable items that anybody may use. It would be a significant adjustment since it would liberate many top and mid laners from the need to teleport. Instead, they may match flash with a more effective defensive option, such as barrier, or an attacking option, such as ignite.

In addition, other non-traditional teleport users, such as AD carriers and junglers, may choose for an aggressive build in which a League player could discover a flank and an angle for stealing objectives and teamfights.

The possibilities are intriguing, but for now we’re sticking with the tried-and-true teleportation method.

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