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In order to qualify for the International 2022 (TI11) in Singapore, twelve teams had one last chance. Only two qualifying berths are available for the TI11 LCQ match, and the level of competitiveness is similar to prior championships. Today, we’ll examine the teams and match-ups from Group A of the TI11 Last Chance Qualifier.


The TI11 LCQ offers a full-fledged group stage and playoffs for a qualification, highlighting the importance of this event. The Group Stage is divided into two groups of six teams each, with each team playing a single round-robin best-of-two match. The top four teams progress to the playoffs’ upper bracket, while the worst two seeds in their respective groups remain in the lower bracket. A double-elimination tournament with best-of-three matches is used in the Playoffs, and two teams advance to TI11.

Natus Vincere, nouns, Polaris Esports, Team Secret, Tempest, and Vici Gaming will be featured in this article.

Team Secret and Natus Vincere are two major powerhouses in the TI11 LCQ’s playing field. Team Secret is no longer in its peak, but it is still well-known due to Micha “Nisha” Jankowski’s consistency as a carry player. Since their debut at ESL One Malaysia 2022, Roman “Resolut1on” Fomynok and Baqyt “Zayac” Emiljanov have shown to be substantial improvements.

Natus Vincere from Eastern Europe is another formidable challenger that will give its opponents a fight for their money. After all, Navi has assembled a seasoned team of players to compete in the TI11 LCQ with former Virtus.pro veterans.

Let’s get started and establish some goals.

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Although we named NaVi as one of the heavy guns, they are another solid North American squad. While they are no Evil Geniuses or TeamSoloMid, they are nonetheless a NA fixture and have impressive performances this year.

When compared to the rest of the competition, it should be somewhat more difficult to overload nouns. Tempest from South America, for example, is a relative newcomer among these rivals, a child’s play if you will.

I believe Natus Vincere will win, although the game may go longer than predicted. To that end, Midnite pays out x1.89 on a NaVi victory.


Much has changed since Team Secret’s supremacy, and we cannot confidently predict a win against VG. While VG may seem to be a pushover in China’s tournament, we must remember that this is the same area that has hosted back-to-back TI grand finals.

Nonetheless, anticipate the odds to favor Team Secret just for the sake of popularity, but don’t expect VG to give up their point so quickly. On paper, Secret hasn’t been as crazy as they’d want, particularly in terms of their play style. Although their hero pool is vast, their playstyle and timing have grown predictable.

Tempest will also be encountered by Team Secret on the opening day of the TI11 LCQ. There will be no delays for the Western European behemoth, and you can absolutely add them to your accumulator.


Polaris originally had a sizable fan base after their dramatic debut in Southeast Asia’s Division 1 tournament. That momentum, however, swiftly faded after the previous Tours, leaving Polaris among the mediocre SEA prospects.

Their only redemption came during the TI11 Regional Qualifier, when they shocked T1 and finished second. While most people think that defeating T1 with two-time champions is an incredible performance, keep in mind that T1 provided really terrible drafts throughout the regional qualifier.

Polaris has an uphill struggle against a more promising veteran from North America versus words, who have been more consistent in Division 1 since their debut two years ago. As a result, it wouldn’t be shocking if nouns won the SEA squad. This match’s odds are not yet available.

Regardless of the result of the TI11 Last Chance Qualifier’s group stage, we can expect everyone in the playoffs to give it their all. As a result, the groupings are not a guarantee that these teams will qualify for TI11.

Following all, larger fish await in Group B after these group stage encounters.

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