OKbet Games | Dota 2 community reaching Valve for Caster’s voice lines to be protected from gacha mechanisms


After little over 24 hours of introducing yet another new cosmetic set to Dota 2, Valve has decided to go back to an earlier distribution system since both players and fans did not want to put up with yet another shoddy effort to make the unlocking process more game-like.

The focus of this latest update was on Talent Stickers, which were added to the previously available Team and Player Autograph Sticker Capsules and are directly related to the talent casting and hosting for The International 2022 in October. Each Sticker comes in one of four variations and include voice lines from each artist; also, a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of each capsule goes toward helping them.

These Talent Stickers were only available as random drops through the capsules, unlike prior years where an autograph could be purchased on its own. As a result, you had to effectively wager your money in hopes of acquiring the stickers and voice lines you desired. Oh, and only Holo or Gold grade stickers have voice lines, so your chances of getting the ones you desire are fewer than 2%. To get more news and update just go to OKbet Sportsbook or go directly to OKbet games.

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Valve said that the widespread criticism

“unhappiness with the product” prompted the fast decision to return to a direct purchase approach. Fans and talent alike were outraged by the shift, with many venting their frustrations on social media and to Valve personally, as well as posting memes.

Valve said that the widespread criticism and “unhappiness with the product” prompted the fast decision to return to a direct purchase approach.

“Our objective was to build a compelling system that enabled fans to engage with their favorite talent in a new manner than in past years, and we fell short of that goal.” “We apologize for this and plan to rectify it,” Valve added.

Sticker capsules will be accessible in-game, but after conversations with talent about the inadequate implementation, a direct purchase option for voice lines is also being made available.

A direct purchase will ensure that the talent in question receives 50% of the entire sum, as opposed to a pool. No matter how they were acquired through stickers or outright purchases all of these voice lines will always be useable.

Though this whole fiasco merely serves to further highlight a persistent issue with this year’s offers and decision-making, it is now accessible under the Talent part of the battle pass.

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